Future Talks Unplugged Pt. 1: Launching in Cyprus [completed]

Happening on February 15th 2021

We explore the possibilities, opportunities and problems of launching a startup in Cyprus. We are joined by Foody (launched in Cyprus, acquired by Delivery Hero), Blend (launched in Cyprus, operates in 5 countries), and Covve (launched in Cyprus/Greece, HQs in Greece and is actively entering Europe with partners such as Nokia).


  • Michael Tyrimos, Founder @ Capacitor Partners (host)

  • Yiannis Gavrielides, Co-founder @Covve, @Invelopment Partners (host)

  • Michael Oikonomou, Co-founder @ Foody

  • Constantinos Samuel, Co-founder @ Blend

Platform or location: Online @ Clubhouse 👋

Link: N/A

Date: February 15th 2021

Time: 7PM +2 GMT